Compacta is the work of Fred Lambert and is reminiscent of the extremely narrow, sans serif stencilled fonts of the 1920s, then intended as titles or headlines for magazines and posters. The characters of all cuts are narrow and the space between...


Compacta Black Poster

Compacta Black Poster Font

Compacta Bold

Compacta Bold Font


Compacta Font

Compacta Light Compressed

Compacta Light Compressed Font

Compacta Italic

Compacta Italic Font

Compacta Black

Compacta Black Font

Compacta Light

Compacta Light Font

Compacta Bold Italic

Compacta Bold Italic Font

Compacta Com

Compacta Com Font

Compacta Com Italic

Compacta Com Italic Font

Compacta Com Bold

Compacta Com Bold Font

Compacta Com Bold Italic

Compacta Com Bold Italic Font

Compacta Com Black

Compacta Com Black Font

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