With semi-rounded terminals, Graviola is soft and friendly. The family consists of 16 fonts, from Thin to Black and matching italics. While the intermediate ones are suited for body text, the extreme weights look specially beautiful at display...


Graviola Bold

Graviola Bold Font

Graviola Book

Graviola Book Font

Graviola Light

Graviola Light Font

Graviola Black

Graviola Black Font

Graviola Heavy

Graviola Heavy Font

Graviola Medium

Graviola Medium Font


Graviola Font

Graviola Thin

Graviola Thin Font

Graviola Italic

Graviola Italic Font

Graviola Bold Italic

Graviola Bold Italic Font

Graviola Black Italic

Graviola Black Italic Font

Graviola Book Italic

Graviola Book Italic Font

Graviola Heavy Italic

Graviola Heavy Italic Font

Graviola Light Italic

Graviola Light Italic Font

Graviola Medium Italic

Graviola Medium Italic Font

Graviola Thin Italic

Graviola Thin Italic Font

Author Notes

This is a commercial font and must be purchased through


Graviola by is sold/licensed through See the license on the My Fonts website for more information.


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