Searching Font Spy

You can search through free and commercial fonts by using a standard search or you can use advanced search functions.

Search by tags by using a hashtag in front of the tag. For example #free will only show free fonts. #sans-serif will show sans serif fonts. You can combine tag searches and regular searches.

You can also exclude tags by using an exclamation point before the tag. For example !free will only show fonts that cost money. !sans-serif will not show any sans serif fonts.

You can set you preview text in your search, just include brackets around the text. For example [ABCDE] in your search will set the font sample text to be "ABCDE".

Find all free sans serif grunge fonts using "Rock n Roll" as the preview text with this search #free #sans-serif #grunge [ Rock n Roll ].

Contributing to Font Spy

Logged in users can contribute to Font Spy by proposing edits to fonts. Proposing an edit to a font consists of filling out the tags and writing a full description of the font. This helps users find the font easier and helps users understand more about each font.

Proposed edits are moderated to protect against spam. Proposed font edits that are accepted grant the user substantial Font Authority Points in addition to being listed as an editor of the font.

Favoriting fonts you love helps us rate the font in searches. Users who like fonts are granted minor Font Authority Points


Any font description, or tags provided by users on this site are owned by Font Spy and licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 with attribution to All Other contents and fonts are the PROPERTY OF THEIR RESPECTIVE FONT AUTHORS whom are listed and linked with each font.

Font Authors! Claim Your Fonts

Font authors can claim their fonts on Font Spy by validating the url on file for the font.

Authors can sign up for a user account and verify any number of urls to claim fonts. Authors who claim fonts will get a substantial amount of Font Authority Points per font claimed.

If you wish your fonts be removed from the website, please email us at and we will get back to you as fast as possible.

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